Walking in the Desert, 7 days

Day 1

Start from Cairo in the morning to arrive at Golden Valley Hotel to have lunch. We will then make a local trip in the oasis to visit Beer El Meftla, the lake, Palm Tree Gardens, Beer El Bghaba, Dest & Magrafa (where the two biggest dinosaurs in the world were discovered in the beginning of the last century), Beer El Mattar hot spring, English house (where the English ruler was living during the colonization of Egypt), returning after sunset to the hotel to have dinner and sleep.

Day 2

Moving by jeep to the Black Desert, the Bedouin village El Haez, and sand dunes. Then on to Khamaan having lunch at Beer Deiaa, and on to Crystal Mountain were we make a camp and sleep.

Day 3

Walking around Crystal Mountain, then moving towards El Agabat having lunch on the way. Then we continue to El Agabat to make camp and sleep.

Day 4

Walking around in El Agabat to see the “flower stones”, moving towards the Small & Big Valley, Ain Khadra, and make a camp and sleep.

Desert walking scenes

Day 5

Moving from Ain Khadra to Magic Spring (Ain El Sero) were we have lunch, then moving towards the Old White Desert to make a camp and sleep.

Day 6

Arriving to the Old White Desert to see the old Akasia tree, Wadi El Khiam, and more. Then moving towards the New White Desert to make a camp and sleep.

Day 7

Walking around in the New White Desert, seeing the Mushroom formations created by the sand and wind before being picked up by our cars and returning to the hotel in the afternoon for transport back to Cairo or a nights rest at the Golden Valley Hotel.

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