The Hotel

The Golden Valley Hotel is situated on a generous garden plot on a hill overlooking the town of El Bawiti. It has an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, and to the east, west and south a good view of the desert.

We offer budget priced hotel rooms with air condition and private bath, or Bedouin huts with shared bath. During your stay at the hotel you will get to know the traditional Bedouin food, music and relaxed life style. A perfect way to recharge your batteries!

In mid October 2010 we finished our latest addition to the hotel — 5 new triple rooms surrounding a small garden area. The rooms have 60 cm thick walls built with natural stone and with arched brick ceiling. The bathroom ceiling is made of palm tree and apricot tree giving a most relaxing atmosphere. This new eco-wing has spacious rooms and bathrooms with separate shower. Come and experience the soothing feeling of these new rooms that will ad that little extra to your stay here in the oasis!

Pool and Camp

Next to the hotel and Bedouin Camp is a pool with water from our own well of iron and mineral rich water, surrounded by a green pool garden. The minerals in the water is well known for its beneficial effects on skin and joint problems.

The Oasis

The oasis offers a number of historical sights, such as the old part of the village, or the recently discovered tombs with the Golden Mummies. It is estimated that at least 1 000 (maybe as many as 10 000) mummies are buried here, and some of them are on display at the local museum.

You can also enjoy cool or warm baths in the springs around the oasis. Some of the hottest springs reach more than 40 C.