The Environment


Garbage is one of Egypt's greatest problem. Baharia is no different. All rubbish is simply thrown on to the street, left on the kerbside or somehow shifted to unofficial dumps, sometimes to be burnt or blown away by the wind.

In the fragile environment of the oasis and especially the desert were almost no rain falls during the year, nothing decomposes. This results in an accumulation of garbage. Some gets buried in the sand but most of it just accumulates in deserted areas or in the streets. In the last couple of years the hotel owners and safari organizers have formed a NGO (non-government organization) to organize one cleaning day during spring and one during fall. This NGO has now grown and new branches have developed to deal with other environmental and health issues of the Oasis.

Earth Day

Every year on Earth Day the Bahariya NGO organizes a cleaning party to clean up the villages as well as the White Desert National Park. Volunteers from the Oasis, Cairo and countries around the world come to help clean the area. During 5-7 days one group go to the White Desert National Park, in the villages people gather to clean up and mend broken streets and houses, etc. If you are interested in coming to help us please contact us!

Cleaning party Cleaning party

A cleaning party in the White Desert National Park


Want to help?

If you want to support us or volunteer for any of our projects, please contact us via or or take a look at the Bahariya NGO homepage.

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