Bawiti and the Bahariya Oasis

The Bahariya Oasis offers a number of historical sites, such as the old part of the city of Bawiti, and the recently discovered tombs with Golden Mummies that are still being dug out by archaeologists. It is estimated that at least 1 000 (maybe as many as 10 000) mummies are buried in the area across the road from the Golden Valley Hotel.

At the Antiquities Department in Bawiti, visitors can buy one ticket that gives access to most of the open sites, with the exception of the 'Golden Mummies' tombs. Behind the Antiquities Department a small museum housed in a former warehouse contains five of the gilded Greco-Roman mummies preserved in glass cases, as well as a small collection of other artifacts found in the oasis.

Among the ancient ruins still visible in the streets of Bawiti is an impressive system of aqueducts (called manafis) that runs for almost 3km through the town to the gardens. The spring and the aqueducts, were still in use until the 20th century providing water to the town and gardens.

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