4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser - Siwa to Bhariya, 5 days

Day 1

We meet in Siwa to make a local trip to visit the most important places in the Oasis (the Amon Temple, tempel of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra's Pool, Amon Mountain, Fetna's Pool) spending the night in a hotel.

Day 2

We start our trip via El Marage towards the Baharyia Oasis. We stay overnight in a camp on the way to Baharyia.

Day 3

After arriving at the Golden Valley Hotel and having lunch we will move by car to visit the Museum and monumental places - Banauti Tomb, Seleem House (a previous king of the oasis), the tempel of Alexander the Great, Helwa House, El Meftela (roman spring) the salt lake, Dest & Magrafa (where two of the largest dinosaur fossils were found almost 100 years ago). We then go to take a swim in a hot spring, and at the end of the day climb English Mountain to see the sun set over Bahariya. In the evening returning to the hotel to have dinner and spend the night.

Day 4

After breakfast we move to the, Black Desert, the Bedouin village El Haez, where we make lunch, and after lunch we move on to Crystal Mountain, El Agabat, (“flower stone” area), New White Desert, and the Sand Dunes, were we make camp to spend the night under the stars.

Day 5

Moving after breakfast from New White Desert to Old White Desert to see limestone formations shaped by the sand and wind into mushroom, chicken, horse and other surreal formations. Thereafter on to El Khiam Valley, the Old Akasia Tree, and the Sand Dunes before returning to Bahariya.

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