4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser - In the Desert, 4 days

Day 1

With departure from Cairo in the morning you arrive to the Golden Valley Hotel in time for lunch. We make a local trip in the oasis to visit Bir El Eftela, English Mountain (from where the English army guarded the oasis during the English colonization of Egypt), Salt Lake, the palm tree gardens, Bir El Ghaba, Dest & Magrafa (where two of the world's largest dinosaur fossils were found about a hundred years ago), to return to the hotel in the evening for dinner and a good night's sleep

Day 2

After breakfast will we set off through the Black Desert to Beduinbyn El Haez to eat lunch in the shade. Then on to Crystal Mountain and El Agaba, where we can look for "flower stones"(fossil marine plants) and at sunset we set camp for the night, and dinner will be cooked over an open fire.

Day 3

After breakfast we pass the Small Valley and Big Valley on our way to the Magic Spring (Ain El Serwe) for lunch. Then on to New White Desert for yet another dinner under the stars, Bedouin party, camp out and sleep.

Day 4

After breakfast in New White Desert, we continue to the Old White Desert to see the limestone formations chiseled by the wind and sand into shapes such as mushrooms, chicken, horse, camel, rabbit, etc. We then return to the Bahariya oasis.

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